Lisa Shin
Save As You Throw: A public relations disaster

Guest Opinion

This past week, the Save As You Throw (SAYT) Research Subcommittee decided to postpone the public poll, perhaps indefinitely, due to “need for finalized rate estimates” and “questions from the public suggest that there is still much confusion about the basics of SAYT.”

LAC Public Relations Administrator Julie Habiger suggested that the Open Forum Poll “may not be the best way to query public on complex topics...People don’t take the time to evaluate the information presented and give thoughtful responses.” Wrong on both counts.  

The public is not confused, but fully understands that SAYT aims to reduce waste, pay for increasing costs, and allow citizens to “control” the rate increases through different carts or bags. But SAYT places a significant burden on those with a fixed income, penalizes large families, and creates a new revenue stream without the appearance of raising taxes.