Assets in Action: Parents should let their kids be the adults they raised

Last week, we had the opportunity to take part in wonderful event, the welcome orientation for New Mexico State University.

Our youngest son graduated and is headed to NMSU. As a former Prevention Specialist, I had a slight issue with the school fight song. It includes the following line, “And when we win this game, we’ll buy a keg of booze, And we’ll drink it to the Aggies ‘til we wobble in our shoes!” 

It was written by students and rumor has it that the school has attempted to change it several times to much uprising.

What I can tell you is, I believe our child is in great hands there. It was a stellar event by students and staff, to reach parents and students on many levels. It was about the relationships created, the goal to reach the students and in turn teach them to reach out too. They even told the parents that their job was to stay engaged, encourage their students, and let them grow.