Atomic City Update: Loyalty has disappeared from professional sports

For sports fans, July 1 is one of the most exciting days of the year. It’s the day NBA and NHL free agency begin, and the entire sports world is buzzing as players choose their new teams and fans can begin daydreaming about what the upcoming season might look like. 

Fans go crazy when a player doesn’t choose their teams, and dance in the streets when a highly coveted free agent chooses to play in their city. General managers hold conference calls where they highlight all of the positive traits of the players they acquired, while ignoring any of the glaring weaknesses their team may still have. 

There is perhaps more sports talk on that day than nay other day of the year, and it is always circled on my calendar. 

However, that day also exposes a problem in sports, one that gets worse every year. 

There is no loyalty in sports anymore, and as someone who grew up hearing about so many players in different sports spending their whole career in one place, that’s sad. 

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