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  • Most animals come and go from the Los Alamos Animal Shelter, but this is not the story for Nalani and Puff. The two cymric long-haired cats came to the shelter and have stayed at the shelter for longer than average. Puff, and his sister, Nalani, have experienced two failed adoptions. Their shyness and long hair both require attention and while their new owners meant well, they didn’t realize the type of care these cats need.

  • It’s been 20 years, more than 760 sermons and countless joys for Tim and Tanya Stidham, ministers at the Los Alamos Church of Christ.The Rev. Tim Stidham and his wife came to Los Alamos in September 1987, when Tim took a position as youth minister at the church. Within a few years, he accepted a position as preacher, and has led the congregation ever since.Before coming to Los Alamos, Tim served in Jacksonville, Ark.; Valonia, Ark.; Whitesboro, Texas; and Sherman, Texas.

  • Even community service non-profits need a helping hand from time to time and Mission Los Alamos is here to extend one.According to its website, www.missionlosalamos.org, is a Christian-based organization established to provide information on local help resources. Its founder, Evelyn Rainey, said the community needs a resource list, which the website provides. The website provides information about organizations offering everything from clothing and counseling to food and health care.

  • Just how does Los Alamos do business? This is a question a group of young professionals from Sarov, Russia, will work to answer during their eight-day visit to the county starting Saturday.A group of five individuals, who represent education, government and other areas of Sarov, will tour Los Alamos National Bank, travel to different historic sites in the county and participate in sessions, which will focus on a variety of topics such as how local economy works in the U.S.Additionally, they will visit with locals in their particular fields.

  • Have you ever had a moment in your life where you feel so stuck in a rut that any attempt to escape seems utterly hopeless? Perhaps it was caused by being overworked at the ol' nine to five, or by trying to resolve too many problems for other people. Perhaps it was because you failed at something that you were incredibly passionate about. Or, worst of all, maybe there was a time when the morals or ethics of your duties were fundamentally questionable. In the case of Michael Clayton, in Tony Gilroy's most recent film, a

  • The Los Alamos Community Winds, now numbering 49 players, undertook a major work Sunday at the Betty Ehart Senior Center for a near-capacity audience: an arrangement for band of the Dvork “Symphony No. 9, Op. 95,” under the direction of Ted Vives. Extensive program notes were provided: three pages on the Dvork and three more on the four short numbers.After a prolonged tune-up period, which was not entirely successful, the four movements of the Dvork were performed without interruption.

  • New Mexico’s timeless small towns, seductive rivers, indomitable wildflowers and ever-spectacular light have inspired four northern New Mexico author/photographers to release new books this season.Glossy photos of this enchanted state dominate new offerings from New Mexico Magazine, the University of New Mexico and the Museum of New Mexico Press.Lesley S.

  • Oct. 31 presents us with two holidays rolled into one! Most folks rarely think of Halloween as a time for reflecting and remembering. Concomitantly, "Reformation Day" is not typically perceived as a time to dress in costume, carve pumpkins and hand out candy. There is something for everyone in this curious juxtaposition of religious history and tradition and secular customs.

  • The Xi Nu Chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi craft fair is 20-years-old and still going strong, but is it ready for a facelift? The Xi Nu chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will hold their 20th annual craft fair from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday at the First Baptist Church, rather than the Pueblo Complex.

    The change of digs became necessary for the six hour event when chapter members realized the funds used to rent facilities were better channeled to community programs.

    Thirty vendors representing jewelry, wood-crafted items, quilts, pillows and more will be on hand during the event.

  • Life can be wonderful and the Olions Thespian Club proves it through their production of "Steel Magnolias."