Today's Features

  • Saint Dimitri Orthodox Church will host its Eighth Annual Blini Breakfast March 9. Russian blini, a type of thin pancake, will be served in the traditional style with smoked salmon, herring and sour cream. Vegetable caviar, eggs and a variety of berry preserves will be available as well. Blini are traditionally served in Slavic households during the week before the beginning of the Lenten Fast.

  • At first, it’s just something you do: a hobby, something to do instead of watching TV in the evenings, a way to exercise, an excuse to meet new people or a means to escape from an unhappy home. You begin slowly, allowing a modest addition to your regular schedule, maybe once a week. You don’t talk about it much, except maybe with close friends. You’re not even sure if you like it. You don’t, at this point, change how you think of yourself.Basically, one of three futures unfolds:1.

  • It’s a unique trio that will perform for the Brown Bag show at 12:30 p.m. March 5 at Fuller Lodge – a soprano opera singer, a French horn player and a pianist.While the Amhran Trio may be different, members share similarities such as a love for music.“I think, for me, it’s just the fact that all three of us are pretty much on the same level as musicians,” said soprano Louise Mendius.

  • The Pajarito Environmental Education Center was recently awarded a $7,600 Outdoor Classroom grant from Lowe’s Charitable and Education Foundation. PEEC will use these funds to further develop their science and nature education programs by building a shade structure storage shed, and greenhouse in the garden classroom, and purchasing gardening tools for the kids gardening program.

  • My score: 4/5 kernelsHaving just watched the Academy Awards, it is easy to look back and realize what an extraordinary gamut of movies there have been over the last year. This last weekend, I decided to see a movie that was up for Academy Awards in the Best Actress, Directing, Original Screenplay and Best Picture categories.The movie is about a 16-year-old girl named Juno, played by Ellen Page, who gets pregnant unexpectedly during her high school years after a one-time encounter with her best friend.

  • The Caf Scientifique Youth Leadership Team from Los Alamos High School is hosting a follow-up activity to Dr. Joyce Guzik’s recent talk on the sun.Teens are invited to join in the activity, which will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday at the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos lecture hall.

  • As they climbed, crawled and hiked through the dark and rocky chambers of Buckman Cave, participants of the Los Alamos Adventure Edge program became very acquainted with the c-word.No, the word isn’t crazy; it’s courage. Even in pitch-blackness, young adults faced and defeated their fears. The Buckman Cave adventure wrapped up a series of caving activities. Each trip increased in difficulty. A beginning caving activity took participants to Junction Cave in El Malpais Jan. 21. Afterwards, an intermediate caving program was held Feb. 15-18.

  • Los Alamos will be treated to an intimate performance during the Guitars and Gateaux show from 7-8:30 p.m.

  • The Los Alamos Ski Patrol was formed when skiers were still swooshing down Sawyer’s Hill during the winter of 1947-1948.

  • As the daughter of a state police officer, she grew up all over: Cimarron, Springer, Questa, Las Vegas, Santa Rosa. She eventually graduated from Taos High School. However, it’s the Pojoaque Valley that has stolen Henrietta Christmas’ passion and led her to a career in genealogy, studying the people from which she descended.Christmas’ ancestors, Juana Lujn, Ygnacio Roybal and Toms Madrid lived in or near Pojoaque more than 300 years ago. Roybal and Madrid, both soldiers, had received land grants from the king after the pueblo revolt of 1680.