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  • Andrew and Mousie 09-25-11
  • Word on the Street 09-25-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Courtney Collier, a junior at Los Alamos High School, recently asked teens from around the country, who accompanied her on a mission trip to New York, “How old is too old, when it comes to dating?”

  • Andrew and Mousie 09-18-11
  • Word on the Street 09-18-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Ben Hanlon, a homeschooled seventh grader, recently asked Los Alamos Middle School student Annika Davenport a few questions.

  • Tips to help you get ready for homecoming

    You’ve got to love the homecoming dance, but the question is: what do you wear? Ok, let’s start with the basics.
    First of all, homecoming is a semi-formal dance, so for guys, that means slacks and a button-up shirt. Suits are not usually worn at homecoming, but if you are dying to wear a suit, go for it!
    For girls, a dress and heels are a must. The number one tip to keep in mind when it comes to a homecoming dress, it that it must fit right and be the right color. The worst thing you could do is show up at the dance in a very colorful dress that does not suit your skin tone.

  • Students get a taste of American life

    Ask any average Los Alamos teenager what they like about their town and you are very likely to get an unenthusiastic response. Ask a Russian teenager from Sarov what they like and the reaction will be completely different.
    Between visiting American schools for the first time, eating American food, going to Gordon’s concerts, hiking and socializing with newfound friends, three Sarov teenagers, Tatiana Stasko, Paul Aleksin and Darya Anikina, had time to sit down and share their feelings about being in New Mexico.

  • Parents and teachers just don’t understand

    The teenage dialect is often mocked by their parents’ generation. When they are busy ruminating on the decline in society, as evidenced by their children’s actions, the topic of modern language usage inevitably comes up.
    However, a careful examination of the language reveals that these critics simply do not understand the next generation of the English language. Like so many before them, they have labeled as evil that which they do not understand.
    First and foremost, there is the language of the electronic communication. Adults tirelessly mock the teenager’s uses of “4” in place of for, “u” in place of you, etc. However, these abbreviations came into widespread usage out of necessity, not laziness.

  • Tips that can help petites look taller

    Being petite is something that I have little experience with, but short people seem to dislike being vertically challenged. The fact that I’m not petite doesn’t mean that I can’t understand the negative feelings that some people experience in being short.
    Feeling short can cause insecurity and as a result, some petites tend to hide their bodies in oversized clothing. This is not the way to go. Mind you, very tall people can feel just as insecure as petites, but this article will focus on some peoples’ difficulty in accepting their height.

  • Word on the Street 09-04-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Tom Hanlon, a homeschooled freshman, recently asked Los Alamos Middle School students a few questions.

  • Poetry Corner 09-04-11

    Study for a Love Sonnet

    Bards sing of tresses gold as sol’s noonday
    Or locks as onyx-black as midnight’s sea
    Or waves that flow as red as setting day
    Thy hair of brown that you call dirt suits me.

    Bards sing of orbs as green as emerald’s glow
    Or brilliant blue with heaven’s deepest shine
    Or golden brown as fur upon a doe
    Thine eyes of black that you call pitch are fine.

    The head of Barbie thinks no more than stone
    Thy mind teems with many an author’s art
    Thy wit a knife held at the keenest hone
    Thy tongue a spear that strikes right to the heart.

    O take their goddess, O take their Barbie;