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  • Los Alamos students March for Life

    Despite the rain and cold temperatures, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Washington, D.C. Jan. 23 for the 39th Annual “March for Life” walk.
    Each year, Pro-life rallies are held in cities throughout the United States on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States on Jan. 22, 1974.
    The March for Life participants’ goal is to have that decision overturned by the court.
    Fourteen Los Alamos high school students and chaperons attended this year’s walk.

  • Youth Activity Center schedule 02-05-12

    Monday — Valentine treat cups
    Tuesday — Crayon hearts
    Wednesday — Movies and munchies
    Thursday — Valentine cards
    Friday — Kids choice board games

    All students in third through eighth grades are welcome to join free of charge.
    The centers are at 475 20th St. (by Ashley Pond) and 10 Sherwood Blvd. (by Piñon Park). Call 662-9412 or 672-1565 or more information.

  • Word on the Street 02-05-12

    Teen Pulse staff member and home school freshman Tom Hanlon asked teens, “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?”

  • Ask Alex: Can vegans be manly?

    Another great question arises. Unexpectedly, this question is focused on the males of the world.
    Few questions are produced when it comes to the study of men’s behavior.
    Rather simple creatures, we men are not difficult to understand. Questions are still asked however. “Why did you eat that?” “How did you get up there?” and “Where are your eyebrows?” are favorites amongst inquisitive
    wives, girlfriends, neighbors and police officers.
    Often times, these questions are easily answered via a Youtube search or a breathalyzer test, though in more cases than we would like to admit, these acts of bravery are done to prove manliness.

  • 2012 ’Topper Revue review

    Laudable humor, B-movie-vibe stories and genuine talent are the most defining characteristics of ’Topper Revue 2012, “Breaking the Bank,” and as always, the show didn’t disappoint.  
    The show begins with emcees Mireya Bouquin, Amethyst Collins, Bob Collom, Molly Finn, Kevin Smale and Kayla Suazo as they attempt to rob Los Alamos National Bank.
    Finn leads her emcee comrades into the bank to get money for college because they’re too lazy to apply for scholarships.
    Collins isn’t too keen on the idea of committing a robbery and Smale, with his oh-so-dashing good looks, is mostly along for the ride.  

  • The next revolution in communication

    Often, I hear my parents’ and grandparents’ generations complaining about how they have lost all hope for my generation.
    They complain about our addiction to technology. While texting and video games have attracted their share of criticism, the vast majority seems to be directed at that great hub of interconnectivity: Facebook.
    Contrary to the wisdom of the technophobes, Facebook is not evil, nor useless, nor a waste of time. It is nothing less than the greatest revolution in communication technology that the world has ever seen.
    It is to the Internet what the Internet was to computers. Mark Zuckerberg is no less of a hero — or a world changer — than Samuel Morse or Alexander Graham Bell.

  • Word on the Street 01-29-12

    Teen Pulse staff member and LAHS senior Madalina Ciuca asked LAHS students, “What’s your most interesting trait?”

  • Youth Activity Center schedule 01-29-12

    Monday — Foam snowman
    Tuesday —Snow globes
    Wednesday — Movies and munchies
    Thursday — Birthday board
    Friday — Clothespin valentine
    All students in third through eighth grades are welcome to join free of charge.
    The centers are at 475 20th St. (by Ashley Pond) and 10 Sherwood Blvd. (by Piñon Park). Call 662-9412 or 672-1565 or more information.

  • An Afternoon at Ashley Pond

    The sun’s rays shine brightly through the trees at Ashley Pond on a recent warm afternoon.

  • Fashion Maven: Cool Wool

    I   don’t know many knitters, but the few I do know  are experienced and every time I see or wear some of their work, I am inspired.
    Knitting is an enormous part of fashion — always changing, yet defined by the artist’s inspiration and personal touch.
    Knitwear is so vast that I can only touch on a few ideas, but the point is to get all of you to understand that knitwear is for anyone and everyone and is not limited to a certain type of person.
    First on the list, of course, are the sweaters. When you think of the word sweater, some of you might visualize something that resembles the word frumpy.
    If this applies to you, I demand that you erase the idea from your mind, unless you are thinking of a Christmas sweater.