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  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 04-21-13

    Monday: Egg carton bird
    Tuesday: 4 Square
    Wednesday: Movies and munchies
    Thursday: Pool tourney
    Friday: Kids choice games

    The White Rock YAC is at 10 Sherwood Blvd., 672-1565.
    The Los Alamos YAC is at 475 20th St., 662-9412. Memberships are free and open to all third through eighth graders.  

  • Fashion Maven: Just because it’s comfy, doesn’t mean it should be rumpy

     I find that sweatpants, baggy sweatshirts and pajama pants worn in public are fashion faux pas. What fascinates me is that the simple phrase “it’s comfortable” is used to justify this sloppy choice of attire.
    I understand the wonderful feeling of wearing cozy pajama pants or a warm hoodie when it’s cold.
    Yet, with the exception of the elementary school pajama days of my past, I never wear sleepwear in public. And unless you’re on your way to a workout, sweatpants and sportswear should be on the no-no list, too.
    Additionally, being comfortable does not imply dressing frumpily. You can feel just as cozy in your jammies as you can in a fashionable outfit that is quick and easy to put together.
    I’ve got a few key pieces that can be combined into a variety of cozy and fashionable ensembles.
    Leggings are always essential. They come in many different fabrics and colors and are easy to slip on under a comfy sweater dress or skirt. On a chilly day, pull on some thicker leggings to keep you warm.
    Jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings. This pant is just as comfortable as leggings, but often has pockets or denim-looking fabric. Jeggings work well with a cotton top and blazer, but they can also be worn under a dress or skirt, just like leggings.

  • Go back in time with 'The Croods'

    “The Croods,” DreamWorks, newest film directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, is a computer-generated family film loaded with action and adventure, with a little humor on the side.
    Set in prehistoric times, “The Croods” are the last Neanderthal family to survive the constant threats from wild beasts and the elements.
    The family, consisting of father Grug (the voice of Nicolas Cage), wife Ugga (voiced by Catherine Keener), teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone), son Thunk (Clark Duke),  Gran (Cloris Leachman) and baby Sandy (Randy Thom) live in a deep, dark cave almost all of the time.  
    Grug will only allow the family to venture out of the cave when they need food. This is hard for teenager, Eep, who is curious and wants to explore the world beyond the cave.
    Sneaking out one night to find out what a strange light is, Eep meets another teen named Guy, (Ryan Reynolds) who introduces her to fire.  
    Guy is the only survivor of his family but he has a companion, a sloth named Belt (Chris Sanders).
    Guy explains to Eep that this part of the world is about to be destroyed and that he is on his way to find a new place to live. He invites Eep to go with him, but she refuses and Guy leaves.  

  • Word on the Street 04-14-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Ben Hanlon asked students, “What one fun thing to you have planned for spring break?”

  • Andrew and Mousie 04-14-13
  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 04-14-13

    Monday: Relays, open 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Tuesday: Cow egg
    Wednesday: Movies and munchies
    Thursday: Spring treat cups
    Friday: Kids choice games
    The White Rock YAC is at 10 Sherwood Blvd., 672-1565.
    The Los Alamos YAC is at 475 20th St., 662-9412. Memberships are free and open to all third through eighth graders.  

  • Don’t expect action in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’

    “The Place Beyond the Pines” tells a story of hardship, loss and above all, a story of legacy.
    The film — although appearing in trailers and TV spots as an action movie — is in fact a generational drama, spanning the lives of fathers and sons.
    It captures a freshness not commonly found in most of today’s movies, which tend to be nothing but adaptations and remakes.
    Writer/director Derek Cianfrance manages to create a complete and original film balancing emotion, action and drama in a new way.
    It presents an interesting idea following the lives of two fathers and their sons that over time, are intertwined by fate.
    Starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” not only presents a compelling concept and well-written script, but also features a star-studded cast.
    Gosling plays a motorcycle stunt rider who turns to crime in an attempt to provide for his lover and infant son.
    The actor again embodies his usual role as a strong, silent character, delivering few lines, yet setting up the film with his distinct presence.

  • Hilltalkers triumph at district competition

    Between March 21 and 23, the Hilltalkers, Los Alamos High School’s debate team, attended the New Mexico District Qualifying Tournament at Albuquerque Academy.
    Daniel Ahrens, Ali Berl, Katie Haynes, Sam Baty, Naftali Burakovsky, Toni Batha and Jessie Zhao all qualified in various speech and debate competitions. They will now go to the National Forensic League National Tournament in Birmingham, Ala. in June.
    The team has been working all year preparing for its various tournaments.
    Debaters take part in numerous competitions such as Lincoln Douglas debate, which “is a one-versus-one” event “about the morality of an issue,” according to George Barnum, a high school junior and debate team member.
    Some members participate in the Congress debate event, which Barnum said “simulates Congressional procedure.”
    Debaters in the Public Forum event discuss current issues in teams and Policy Debate members go head-to-head in duos as they debate a matter they research all year.
    Hilltalkers in the speech part of the tournament participate in competitions such as the Interpretation, Original Oratory and Expository events.

  • Popping the prom question

    By Elizabeth Hjelvik

    With April 20 fast approaching, the excitement of prom seems to increase at Los Alamos High School.

    Seniors are getting their invitations (juniors buy their tickets after spring break); students are able to nominate their peers for prom court and as the month goes on, more people are getting dates or planning on asking a friend or significant other to the most anticipated night in high school.

    Asking someone to prom is probably one of the most nerve-wracking tasks for a high school student, but it should not be something to be nervous about.

  • Lil' Wayne needs to get with it or get lost

    By Sebastian Garcia

    Throughout the history of music, artists have always looked for ways to be better than each other in order to achieve musical immortality. 

    So far, the 21st Century has seen many rappers boasting in order to make names for themselves. 

    No rapper tries to convince himself more of musical greatness than Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil’ Wayne. 

    After the success of his ninth studio album “The Carter IV,” Weezy tries to continue his momentum with “I Am Not A Human Being II.”