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  • Key Club attends DCON in ElPaso

    Members of the Los Alamos Key Club were whisked to a land far away during the Southwest District Key Club district convention in April, in El Paso, Texas.

    This year’s theme was “Happily Service Ever After,” a play on Disney’s “happily ever after” theme. 

    During the gathering, the new district Key Club board was elected and club boards received training. 

    Key Club members also went to different sessions, in which they learned about organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network; how to be an effective member in their own club; and how to learn Disney songs. 

    In addition to the various events, there are also many different types of contests at DCON: scrapbook, poster, talent and more. 

  • Andrew & Mousie 05-05-13
  • JMHS Celebrates 15 Years Of Success

    By Tom Hanlon

    It has been a big year for the Jemez Mountain Home School Speech and Debate Team, which is celebrating its 15th consecutive year of high school speech and debate competition in New Mexico.

    With only five Varsity the v on varsity is lowercase members, three JV (middle school), and one 6th spell this out grade apprentice on its current roster, what the team lacks in size.

    Since its establishment on Sept. 28, 1998, more than 60 students have passed through the program with several earning State and All-American recognition. This year is no exception. As a member of the New Mexico Speech and Debate Association and the National Forensic League, Jemez Mountain students compete with private, public, no commas before and and charter school students from across the state, as well as at the NFL National Tournament.

    Each year for roughly seven months during the regular season, debaters compete in a variety of events at tournaments that are hosted by high schools all over the state. Some of these events are interpretations of either humorous or dramatic stories, in which competitors use voices and physical gestures to bring a story to life.

  • Word on the Street 05-05-13

    Teen Pulse staffers Sebastian Garcia and Owen Bradbury Aranda asked fellow students what they'd do if there was a zombie apocalypse...

    "I'd find Daryl Dixon!" Jared Borrego, junior

    "It's not going to happen." Esteban Summers, junior

    "I'd train my puppy to kill on command then pack all the survival stuff I'd need in my hiking backpack and take off into the canyons and head towards california forests." Jenna Burgess, senior

  • Andrew and Mousie 04-28-13
  • Word on the Street 04-28-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Tom Hanlon asked students, “What did you think of prom in the Black Box theatre?”

  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 04-28-13

    Monday: Jump rope contest
    Tuesday: Newspaper flowers
    Wednesday: Movies and munchies
    Thursday: Call for schedule
    Friday: Call for schedule

    The White Rock YAC is at 10 Sherwood Blvd., 672-1565.
    The Los Alamos YAC is at 475 20th St., 662-9412. Memberships are free and open to all third through eighth graders.  

  • Fashion Maven: Outfits glitter on the red carpet

    On April 20, Los Alamos High School students attended perhaps one of the most popular events of the year — prom.
         Prom night is an opportunity to dance your feet off, sing your heart out and have a fabulous time. I also see it, however, as an evening of glamorous gowns and an exposé of teenagers’ creative ways to wear and accessorize their outfits.
         When students arrived at the Hollywood-themed event, they entered the building on a red carpet complete with paparazzi.
    I figured I’d give Los Alamos the scoop on the most popular trends — and my favorite gown of the evening — that strutted down the red carpet.
         Mint green was a popular pick. All the gowns in this shade made an elegant statement with a fresh pop of color.
    Red dresses, whether embellished with rhinestones or cut to hug the figure, shimmered among the crowds.
    Many students this year broke with tradition and wore short dresses instead of floor-length gowns.
    Almost every thigh-length dress I saw was tasteful. Rather than being too short or too tight, these prom dresses flattered figures and were appropriate for the elegant occasion.

  • Word on the Street 04-21-13

    Teen Pulse staff member Tom Hanlon asked students, “Do you suffer from allergies in the spring, and if so, how do you deal with them?”

  • Andrew and Mousie 04-21-13