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    Teen Pulse Staff member Sydney Schoonover asked students,”What is the biggest issue in the world today and why?”

  • Teen brief


    LAHS Olions do first Melodrama

    Los Alamos High School Olions presents  the first ever Melodrama. 

    The LAHS Olions present the first ever Olions Melodrama. Tenpenny enters the quiet town of Las Alamas with plans to ruin the town. 

    The script is original and based off of Los Alamos and it’s residents. 

    Performances will be
    7 p.m. Sept. 25, 26, 27;
    2 p.m Sept. 27 and 28. 

  • Opinion: The fight for the First Amendment


    One subject that seems to come up in the news regularly is that of First Amendment violations.

    Take for example a recent case from Arkansas State University where football players were told to remove cross decals from their helmets that were there to honor a former player and equipment manager who died earlier this year. 

    The university stated that the crosses needed to be removed because of a complaint that they violated the separation of church and state. According to the Huffington Post, Rebecca Markert, an attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said her organization had been looking into the matter, but had not yet lodged a formal complaint. Markert said of the school’s decision, “Putting religious imagery on public school property is unconstitutional.” 

  • Hilltalkers kick off the year


    On Sept. 13, the Yellow Ribbon Novice Tournament, hosted by the Los Alamos High School Hilltalkers and Los Alamos Middle School Hawktalkers, marked the official beginning of competition season for the LAHS speech and debate team.

    The tournament, designed to help new speech and debaters learn the ropes of a wide variety of events, is the only one of its type in New Mexico. No other tournaments in the state cater specifically to novices.

    Participants came from LAHS, LAMS, Jemez Mountain Home School and Santa Fe Preparatory School. They are the four regularly competing schools in the state, out of more than a dozen.

    Los Alamos winners were Analee Erickson, Alex Ionkov, Radhika Iyer, Wilbur Wang and Robert Zhu.

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  • Word On The Street 09-14-14

    Teen Pulse staff member Katherine Wang asked students, “What clubs are you a part of?”

  • This club's for you

    On Sept. 8, clubs from Los Alamos High School set up booths in the commons area for the annual Activities Fair.
    There are 50 different student organizations and clubs at the high school offering a variety of interests for student participation.
    Clubs range from the Anime Club (Japanese animation), Book Club and Chess Club to a Video Gaming and Tabletop Gaming clubs and Spanish Club. Each year the Activities Fair invites students to visit the club booths and learn more about what each club has to offer.
    If you like to talk, argue and make speeches, become an expert with the HillTalker Speech and Debate Club. Imagine yourself working in the pit at the National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR), join the Auto Club and learn how it’s done. If you want to take singing in the shower to a new level, join the choir to sing in concerts, festivals and community events.
    The Robotics, Science Bowl and Science Fair clubs will challenge students interested in pursuing science. If marketing, management and entrepreneurship sound exciting to students, there is a club called DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) that helps students to learn about these fields.

  • Lunch time at LAHS
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    Teen Pulse staff member Wilbur Wang asked students, “What is your most memorable volunteer experience?”