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  • Teen Center a safe place, despite criticisms

    The teenage years are something all people all have in common: a rocky road to adulthood, with quite a few bumps along the way.
    During this time, a place to relax and hang out is a refuge for teens, and having a safe place to do this, with supervision to guide teens to the destination of adulthood is important.
    Here in Los Alamos, the Los Alamos Teen Center provides that safe place for teens, despite the bad reputation a hub for teen activity often accumulates.
    As noted by the Teen Center staff, those who have an opinion of the teen center are very polarized in their views.
    As one anonymous White Rock teen said, “Isn’t the teen center a druggie hang out?” A non-participant at the teen center, this teen represents one of the two main camps of opinion in the Los Alamos community about LATC. There are those who have experienced the teen center, and those who have not. Los Alamos native and LAPS School Board Vice President Kevin Honnell offers a contrasting voice, calling the teen center “long overdue.” With more than 200 teens visiting each week, the influence of the teen center is a very real concern.
    Often times, teen gathering sites form a bad reputation with adults.

  • Lewis and Todd 11-9-14
  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 11-9-14


    Youth Activity Center Schedule


    Monday: Popsicle stick scarecrow


    Tuesday: Activity Center closed for Veteran’s Day 


    Wednesday: Movies and munchies


    Thursday: Marbled shavings creme leaves


    Friday: Los Alamos — Lego contest; White Rock — Four Square

  • Fundraising dinner to benefit Students for Life

    Students for Life of Los Alamos will be having a fundraising dinner from 6-7:30 p.m. Nov. 22 at Crossroads Bible Church.  Lauren Castillo of Students for Life of America will be speaking. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids ages 5-10 and free for kids under 5. Contact Tom Hanlon at tomedhanlon@gmail.com for details.

  • Word on the Street 11-9-14


    Teen Pulse staff writer Tom Hanlon asked students: “What is the best place to hang out in Los Alamos?”

  • Local experts offer insight at career fair

     At times being a student at Los Alamos High School can be stressful. From advanced placement and honors classes to extracurricular activities, it becomes easy to forget how fortunate students are to be in such a resourceful town. 

    For example, multiple colleges come to visit LAHS every week, teachers and coaches make it easy for students to excel, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory provides a myriad of opportunities for students. On Monday, LAHS held an informative career fair. It was a reminder of the opportunities being a student in Los Alamos provides.

    Although time constraints limited the number of presentations one could attend, all the presentations had a few things in common. First, keeping your social media clean is key to successfully applying for college and careers. 

  • Happy Halloween
  • Lewis and Todd 11-2-14
  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 11-2-14


    Youth Activity Center Schedule


    Monday: Birthday board


    Tuesday: Ping pong


    Wednesday: Movies and munchies


    Thursday: Candy corn bingo


    Friday: Staff’s choice game/activity


  • Word on the Street 11-2-14


    Teen Pulse staff writer Katherine Wang asked students, “If you could run for county councilor what would you change?”