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  • Word on the Street 5-10-15

    Teen Pulse Student Editor Tom Hanlon asked students, “What final are you most worried about?”

  • Lewis & Todd 5-10-15
  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 5-10-15

    Monday: Foosball tournament

    Tuesday: Bingo

    Wednesday: Movies and muchies

    Thursday: Knock-Out  

    Friday: Plastic bottle bird feeders

    Los Alamos: 662-9412, 475 20th St.
    White Rock: 672-1565, 139 Longview Dr.

  • Olions put on a humorous night of Shakespeare

    Last weekend, the Olions Thespian Club, an after-school drama organization at Los Alamos High School, performed Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”
    Hermia (Rosemary Vigil), her lover Lysander (Eben Bold) and Demetrius (Jack Barkley), the man her father, Egeus (Xander Mancino), wishes her to marry, are brought to the court of Theseus (Devon McCleskey), the duke of Athens, as he prepares to wed Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. Hermia and Lysander make plans to escape Athens after her father asks that she be either sent to a convent or killed.
    Demetrius follows them after learning of their plans from Helena (Monica Clarke), who told him in an attempt to gain his love.
    In the forest, Oberon (Devon McCleskey), the fairy king, and his queen, Titania (Morgan Ferry), quarrel over a servant of Titania’s. Seeking revenge, Oberon sends his servant Puck (Kate Margevicius) to cause Demetrius to fall in love with the first thing that he sees after waking. Puck mistakenly makes both Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena, causing them to fight over her.

  • Word on the Street 5-3-15

    Teen Pulse staff member Michael Booton asked students, “What do you think about the ‘Kylie Jenner lip challenge? A recent fad in which people take a shot glass and apply suction to artificially enlarge their lips?”

  • Lewis & Todd 5-3-15
  • Youth Activity Center Schedule 5-3-15

    Monday: Air hockey (Los Alamos), pool tournament (White Rock)

    Tuesday: Horse

    Wednesday: Movies and muchies

    Thursday: Black jack  

    Friday: Mother’s Day cards

    Los Alamos: 662-9412, 475 20th St.
    White Rock: 672-1565, 139 Longview Dr.

    Open 3-6  p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and noon-6 p.m. Wednesday, unless otherwise noted.  

    Memberships are free and open to all third through eighth graders.

  • An elegant evening to remember

    The 2015 Los Alamos High School junior/senior prom on April 25 was accompanied by the usual excitement, which leads up to a dance of such stature. Acquiring a date, buying a dress or renting a tuxedo and, of course, attending the dance itself.
    One thing however, made this year’s prom more unique: the venue. This year’s “Moonlight Sonata” themed prom was held at Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino this year, which, while providing complications such as price and transportation, made for a sophisticated and enjoyable evening for couples, groups and friends from LAHS.
    Upon entering one of the larger ballrooms, students were greeted by a dark blue lit room, candlelit tables and a stunning ceiling decorated with blue lights to look like the night sky. Guests were then served a three-course meal, which was surprisingly delectable considering that the same entree had been prepared for everyone.
    The dinner portion of the night was extremely well prepared and executed. The table arrangements, three course meal and atmosphere were all elegant. The dance portion however, missed the mark. This is very common among high school dances because one cannot please everyone when it comes to music genres.

  • Lewis & Todd 4-26-15
  • Word on the Street 4-26-15

    Teen Pulse staff writer Wilbur Wang asked students, “If you could be an exchange student to another country, which one would you choose?”