Youth team says thanks

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the 2009 Youth Team of United Way of Northern New Mexico, we would like to thank the community for helping us raise more than $10,800. With the leadership of Morrie Pongratz and the participation of Keanna Cohen, Nat Gustafson, Aspen Gutgsell, Ben Havemann, Kevin McCurdy, Meghan Montoya, Kelsey Neal, Adam Nekimken, Benigno Sandoval, Chelsy Smith, Andrew Vierra and Beth Wendelberger youth team members, we were able to exceed our $7,000 fund-raising campaign goal for this year!

Morrie, team members and the countless friends, family members and volunteers donated time, energy and financial support to the 2009 Youth Team. With the enthusiasm of this year’s team, every event was fun and profitable.

We are proud to report we have received many compliments and phone calls regarding the success of each of the youth team’s events.

Resurrecting Dinner Over Diamond was to the delight of the community and Hamburger Night was extremely well attended with a line of people waiting outside to participate.

The Youth Team would like to thank the following folks in their efforts on behalf of the Youth Team campaign:

• students of Mountain School,

• and the dances held by LAYL and Big Mac-Los Alamos Family Council Program.

Again, thank you.

We sincerely thank, Morrie, each team member, their family members, friends and volunteers for making this campaign a success. We simply could not have done it without you.

The 2009 United Way of Northern New Mexico

Youth Team