YourBook: Help us help them

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The Los Alamos Middle School yearbook staff is attempting to launch a new program aimed at providing deserving students with a yearbook. We are calling this the YourBook Program.

The LAMS faculty and staff have identified worthy students who deserve a yearbook but simply cannot afford one. The program is designed to put yearbooks in the hands of good kids caught in a difficult situation.

We thought there must be a better option for these students than to let them go without yearbook memories. For that reason, we have decided to reach out for help from local businesses and community members who might be in a position to offer a bit of happiness to those students in need. We are willing to sell yearbooks at a reduced price to businesses or individuals interested in donating them to identified students.

In addition to a reduced price, we will add a sticker inside the front cover of the book indicating the book is compliments of you or your business.

Finally, we will publish information about your generosity on our website. We will do both at your request unless you would prefer to remain anonymous.

If you would like to support this program or if you know of someone who would be willing to assist, please contact me at 663-2421 or s.wingo@laschools.net. The year is quickly closing, and we would like to help those we can before it is over.

Suzette Williams Wingo

LAMS Yearbook