Yarn and snakes are not a winning combination

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By The Staff

I read the article about the “Attack of the Yarn Bomber” and I wonder if the artist knows her outside works of art could be a death trap for snakes?

Snakes can get into the knitted yarn but because of their scales, they can become trapped in the yarn and strangle themselves.

This landscaping and bird netting is similar to the yarn.

Perhaps you don’t think either are deadly to some forms of wildlife but a picture is worth a thousand words and perhaps people will think before using this stuff on the ground or in trees because snakes do climb trees.

Snakes have enough to contend with without having this stuff around.

We are not very kind to snakes and I hope that will change if enough people are educated.

I always think it is good luck to have snakes on my property but I know others do not.

Please, if you dislike snakes or if you have a rattlesnake, contact the police dispatcher at 662-8222 for a list of names of those who will relocate.

Watch the snake so when someone comes, they can pick it up quickly. Animal control does a beautiful job of relocating rattlesnakes. I was fortunate to have witnessed Tom Beyer of AC pick up a beautiful prairie rattlesnake on North Mesa a couple of weeks ago to be relocated elsewhere.

Tom made it look so easy.

Thank you so much, Mr. Beyer and to all the other guys who relocate snakes.

Snakes are really wonderful creatures and yes, rattlesnakes can be dangerous but not as dangerous as many other things in life.

Please take a moment to help a snake. Sept. 4 marks the 4th anniversary of Steve (Crocodile Hunter) Irwin’s untimely death.

Please honor his memory and teach your children compassion towards all creatures, great and small and especially snakes.

And to the children who took a snake away from it’s home near the rose garden, I hope you put it back.

This was the gartersnake’s home and you had no right to take him away.

Thank you.

Jan Macek

Los Alamos