Writer's comments off-base

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

On Oct. 9, Vivek Dave wrote that an Obama presidency would be a disaster for our economy.  I couldn’t understand where he was coming from until the last sentence where he quoted Ayn Rand.

Her philosophy is the direct opposite of love of our fellow man and altruism as taught by Christianity, Judiasm, Islam, Secular Humanism, and many other beliefs.  It is well known that Alan Greenspan is a follower of Rand, and we can all see where his ideas that government-is-always-the-problem, has driven the world economy.   

Just remember Mr. Dave, if you have any money in a bank, it is safe because of Federal Deposit Insurance.  If you use the Internet, where do you think it came from? Who paid for the roads that you drive on? And who is trying to save our economy so you can continue to make money as a rugged individualist?

Alan Hack

Los Alamos