WRBC presents ‘Shadowlands’

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“A serious, thought-provoking work of substance, quality and class … ‘Shadowlands’ speaks of this world as being a prelude for what will follow and how pain is the inverse of joy …” said Jeff Lyons of CBS Radio, describing the British play written by William Nicholson.
Nicholson, a former BBC documentary film producer, has written several award-winning screenplays.
His first work for the stage, “Shadowlands,” won the 1990 London Evening Standard Best Play Award. This script is the basis for the 1993 movie featuring Anthony Hopkins and Deborah Winger.
“Shadowlands” will be presented at White Rock Baptist Church April 20 and 21. Produced and directed by Katrina Koehler, a post-baccalaureate physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory who has worked with the Los Alamos Little Theater, the play features a cast of amateur actors from the WRBC church family.
Based on the true story of well-known Oxford professor and theologian C.S. Lewis (“Chronicles of Narnia,” “Mere Christianity”), this story will bring both laughter and a lump to one’s throat.
Lewis (Scott Reynolds), a confirmed bachelor in his 50s, is living comfortably with his older brother in Oxford, England in the 1950s, when he becomes captivated by a younger, American divorcee, Joy Davidman Gresham (Joy McCullough), a poet and literary intellectual in her own right.
The story of their romance and marriage in Shadowlands is enhanced by the repartee of a cast of fellow Oxford dons.
Gresham’s too-soon illness and death prompts the poignant and moving exploration of the problem of pain and suffering.
Honest questions related to the “why?” of suffering and grief as well as the role of a loving God in tragic circumstances provide the subtext for this presentation.
The community is invited, but the sensitive nature of the content does not make this event appropriate for young children.
Tickets will be sold at the door for $8 each and all proceeds will go toward a clean water project in Africa run by World Vision.
The performances will be at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Popcorn will be available for both performances.