WR businesses

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A comment about last Friday’s story, “WR retailers inspire creativity.”
 I was surprised to learn from this article that after being in “Los Alamos” for 37 years and a resident of “White Rock” for 26 years, that White Rock is a “suburb” of Los Alamos!!
Per Wikipedia; A suburb is a separate residential community within commuting distance of a city, having some degree of administrative autonomy.
 I do believe that White Rock shares the same police force, fire protection, utilities, government, “newspaper,” zip Code, as does the “town” of Los Alamos, or did something change recently??
Some of us in White Rock do sometimes feel that we are the “other” part of the community, but that’s a political thing, which I hope your story doesn’t perpetuate.
By the way, for the uninitiated, there is another White Rock, about 25 miles due south of Farmington, N.M. in San Juan County. All of the above is with tongue-in-cheek, so don’t take it personal.
On the positive side (the real reason for this letter), it’s nice to see stories of White Rock in the Los Alamos Monitor, positive stories that hopefully will be noticed and more of Los Alamos County will realize that White Rock is not too shabby.
And maybe, just maybe, some of these folks will come on by and help out our community with our independent tax-base ... again with tongue-in-cheek.
Zeke Aragon
Los Alamos