The words engraved in stone

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By Edward B. Grothus

Dear Editor,

As my time dwindles down to a precious few days, weeks, months or maybe a year or so, I am singular in Los Alamos, like the Biblical Lot, except my time of going is not of my choosing. I am also like Princess Poo Pooi who had lots of papaya and was famous for giving it away. So, too, I give away the following series of words.From a correspondent in Switzerland, I am reminded that humanity has a limited time on this planet. We have but 10 generations or less at which time our fossil fuel card is maxed out. Our time could be much briefer if, as I have predicted, a nuclear Armageddon happens by accident or evil intent in 2013. The Mayan prediction is for a transition time at the winter solstice of 2012.In order to avoid the predicted calamitous times, abolition is imperative. In addition, we must learn to exploit the sun. Its output is infinite and its power distribution is everywhere. Solar scientific programs designed to develop the required and necessary power energy is a scientific must. Monies budgeted for war must be eliminated with production of good things freely distributed everywhere. There could be enough for all. Everyone is together on this planet. Wars are no longer an option.Engraved in stone are the words “ONE BOMB IS TOO MANY.” Again, abolition of nuclear weapons of mass destruction should have the very highest priority.Engraved in stone are the words “NO ONE IS SECURE UNLESS EVERYONE IS SECURE.” It is irrational to think that only we should be made secure, so we can live henceforth in fear? Shortsighted are the politicians.Engraved in stone are the words in Latin, “ALWAYS BUILD NEVER DESTROY.” There is wisdom in this.Finally, engraved in stone in 15 languages is the following sentence: “THERE IS NO ASSURANCE THAT MAN WILL PASS SAFELY THROUGH THE NUCLEAR AGE TO A BENIGN SOLAR-HYDROGEN AGE.” There must be a metamorphosis of the ugly worm of war into a beautiful butterfly of peace.Can the powerful learn from the again failing policy of peace through strength? Can this be the war to end all wars? Are there no wise men to act? Hope dies last.Edward B. GrothusLos Alamos