A word of thanks

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By The Staff

The family of David M. Thurston, former Los Alamos High School science teacher, wishes to thank its principal, Sandy Warnock, its faculty, its students and alumni, and members of our community for their contributions to the Memorial Service for Dave at the high school.  

Afterwards, several people told me it was the best memorial service they had attended.  The singing provided by the high school’s student chorus was especially touching and beautiful. It brought tears to many members of Dave’s family and those who were close to him.

In addition to the music, the remembrances of people who came forward to speak at the open mic managed by Sandy Warnock greatly impressed Dave’s family. We heard from students and alumni whose lives were not only influenced by  Dave, but in some cases turned around.

There was a young woman who described how he dissuaded her from dropping out of school; and a young man who had been a struggling student, who felt that Dave had administered the toughest tests he ever took, but from whom he learned the most.

A younger teacher for whom Dave was both a colleague and a mentor, was appreciative of the advice he had received from Dave.

Dave’s family was impressed by the widespread influence and appreciation that Dave had on the lives of others. It was felt that no one else in the family had the appreciation of so many people. That is an intangible benefit of teaching.

To everyone considering a career in teaching, think of it not as a job, but as a career that can influence and turn around the lives of people who can benefit our society and do good for the world.

Rodney S. Thurston, father of David

Los Alamos