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By TJ Taub

Dear Editor,

I very much appreciate Bernadette Lauritzen’s article “Women’s business group forms” in Sunday’s paper and simply wanted to make some clarifications if I may.

 Last year I coordinated several meetings with a small group of community-minded women. We had tons of ideas but couldn’t figure out what we could do to address our issues while still fitting into our daily lives.  I began to wonder if a networking group made any sense.  

 Then I learned two things. I discovered a friend had started a networking group in Santa Fe a few years ago.  I also learned of at least one other group of women who had come together about the same time my group was meeting. Kim Selvage was part of that group. We met and recognized common themes. I attended the Santa Fe networking luncheon in December and was blown away. Now we had a format. I shared it with Kim and we moved forward together to produce Friday’s event.

 Networking Women of Los Alamos (NeW LA) is an opportunity for women, whether or not they have a business, to network with other women in the community. It welcomes women who embody talent, skill, credentialed expertise, experience, determination and energy. Women with businesses - large, medium or small.  Old or new.  Home-based, office-based, elsewhere based.  Full time. Part time. Women who offer services and products. Women who are employees, self employed, volunteers. Women who seek other women with similar interests who, as an example, might form a separate group with more targeted objectives such as an after-school activities group where Mom’s rotate supervisory duties.

 Our hope is that through networking we can begin to meet some individual needs while enhancing the quality of life in Los Alamos: raise awareness of what is available; learn what others can do that might be of mutual benefit; attract new clients; interact personally and professionally; support other women, and play a greater role in our community.

 We hope NeW LA will help Los Alamos discover, highlight and support the remarkable resources we have in local women - too often hidden and untapped.  And, to recognize the added value of those resources due to our vested interest in wanting to make it work HERE, at home!

 NeW LA will meet quarterly and create a web site to make this effort effective while keeping the process simple.  If you have questions about NeW LA or want to be added to our networking list, please contact me, TJ Taub, at swpr@swcp.com  or 661-8696.

TJ Taub

Los Alamos