Woman speaks up for jailed fiancé

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Crime: Man remains in jail, charged with child abuse

By Whitney Jones

The mother of the child at the center of an alleged abuse case is speaking out in defense of her fiancé, who has been charged with the crime.


Tyrell Abney, 19, of Los Alamos, was arrested last Wednesday after calling Los Alamos police stating that his 11-week-old son had fallen down, but according to an arrest warrant affidavit, doctors at the Los Alamos Medical Center and the University of New Mexico Hospital weren’t convinced the baby’s injuries were consistent with a fall.

The affidavit further states that Abney allegedly admitted to hitting the baby on the side of the head.
Even so, the baby’s mother, Nicole Allison, is circulating an online signature petition touting Abney’s innocence and alleging police misconduct.

“We know the truth; he is a loving father and never wanted anything more than a child of his own. He would never hurt his own son,” Allison writes in the petition.

The petition alleges that Abney’s race may have played into police conduct.

“Los Alamos is a small community, nearly all white and ever since his brothers and father, all black, had moved into town the (police department) there have done nothing but try to persecute them solely based on their skin color,” Allison writes. “Even though he has a clean record and has never had any run-in with the law or has even been arrested, they see him as young and black, and put their judgement (sic) on him based on that.”

Allison alleges that police took Abney away for questioning for more than six hours without reading him his Miranda rights prior to questioning without having a lawyer present. She further alleges police coerced Abney into admitting to hitting their son.

An online court database indicates that Abney does not have an attorney as of Tuesday.

Los Alamos Police Det. Brian Schamber, who questioned Abney, said he did not have any response to Allison’s statements. Capt. Randy Foster also said that LAPD had no comment in regards to Allison’s statements. According to Foster, the baby was listed in stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque.

According to the affidavit, Schamber asked Abney to come in to the station for an interview which he voluntarily agreed to do, and “at the station, the defendant was read his Miranda rights and signed a waiver and agreed to be questioned.”

Allison also alleges that Los Alamos Medical Center took a long time to give her son medical attention “because the cops were too busy talking to the doctors in the hallway instead of stabilizing our son.”

She urges petition signers to call Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados to give their opinion of and experience with Abney in an effort to lower his bond.

Abney, who is still locked up at the Los Alamos Detention Center on $100,000 cash-only bond, declined an interview with the Los Alamos Monitor.

Allison also has not responded to a request for an interview.

The petition shows that at least 26 people have already “signed” the online petition with some of those signatures coming in from as far away as San Diego, Calif., and Macon, Ga. The following is a partial list of the comments left on the petition:

“I know he would never do such a thing,” Chris Leibee wrote.

“I have been close to the Abney family for a while I know his parents and his brothers and they are an awesome family and I know Ty would never do a thing like that! Ty was like my older brother and I don’t want him to get locked up … ” Jessica Lind wrote.

“Tyrell, and Nicole are very good parents to (their son). I know in my heart that he would never do anything to hurt (him),” Faith Bartlet wrote.

The petition may be viewed at change.org/petitions/tyrell-abney-show-support-for-a-bail-instead-of-a-cash-bond.