Woman charged with 2 counts of aggravated battery after stabbing

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By Wren Propp

A Los Alamos woman allegedly left her sister’s boyfriend for dead after attacking him with a knife.

Andrea R. Rivera, 30, was charged with two counts of aggravated battery, third-degree felonies, and one count of tampering with evidence, also a felony, following an alleged attack at an apartment on Canyon Road in Los Alamos late Friday night.

Rivera appeared before Magistrate Judge Pat Casados Monday afternoon for the first hearing of the charges against her. Casados told Rivera she expected a motion for pre-trial detention – that Rivera would stay in jail until trial – would be expedited by the District Attorney’s Office.

A hearing to consider her continued incarceration is scheduled for Nov. 14 in a district court in Santa Fe.
Each count of aggravated battery carries a jail sentence of three years in jail and $5,000 fine; tampering with evidence carries an 18-month sentence and/or $3,000 fine.

The details of the attack that sent Cory Kershner, 28, to an intensive-care ward in Albuquerque were outlined in a criminal complaint and a statement of probable cause filed Monday in Los Alamos Magistrate Court.

Each count of aggravated battery carries a jail sentence of three years in jail and $5,000 fine; tampering with evidence carries an 18-month sentence and/or $3,000 fine.

She told a Los Alamos Police Department detective that she is diagnosed with several disorders, including paranoid schizophrenia, according to the statement of probably cause.

According to the statement of probable cause, Rivera, her sister, Sara Cooper, 27, and Kershner, had been drinking at the apartment shared by Cooper and Kershner throughout the evening on Friday.

Cooper told police Rivera asked her to leave and pick up a friend of Rivera’s at his home. Cooper did so. Rivera and the friend, Jerry Bobo, then left and Bobo did not return, although Rivera did, and the trio continued to drink, according to the statement.

However, Rivera allegedly became aggressive toward Cooper, according to the statement. Kershner attempted to calm her, according to the statement, and he urged Cooper to retreat to a bedroom.

Cooper said she heard the pair arguing, and then silence. She peered out and told police she saw her sister allegedly holding a small knife with blood on her hands. Cooper retreated again, but Rivera allegedly attacked her when Cooper was not able to shut the door completely.

Cooper told police she tried to take the knife away from her sister, and that’s when she was injured.

Cooper told police she could hear Rivera and Kershner allegedly fighting through the door after her sister allegedly attacked her, then “everything went quiet again,” according to the statement.

She heard the front door slam.

She came out of the bedroom and didn’t see her sister, but found Kershner severely wounded, according to her statement to the police. She called for a neighbor to call for help while she tried to give him aid.

Medical personnel found that Kershner suffered a large abdominal laceration and several stab wounds to the chest.

The detective reported finding several knives with blood on them in the kitchen and one chef knife with blood on one side in the living room.

According to the statement of probable cause, the detective interviewed Rivera at mid-day on Saturday at the Los Alamos County Detention Center. Police had reported on Saturday that they had searched for Rivera throughout the night and morning.

Rivera told the detective that she, her sister and Kershner had been drinking and intoxicated. After Cooper left her and Kershner alone together, they started kissing, Rivera said, and went out to the woods together. According to the statement from the detective “there were no signs on either her clothing or Mr. Kershner’s clothing that supports them going into the woods.”

Rivera said she cut herself after becoming upset, and told the police detective Kershner tried to help her close the wound with an adhesive – blood on a tube of glue was also found at the residence.

After that, though, Rivera told the police detective that she snapped – angered by Kershner allegedly trying to make out with her while her sister was in the other room.

“She stated that she stabbed him in the abdomen twice that she remembered, and that she remembers Mr. Kershner falling to the ground and seeing ‘his guts on the floor,’” according to the detective’s report.

Rivera said she remembered calling out to her sister “I just killed your boyfriend,” and then running out of the apartment.

The detective stated that she denied attacking her sister. She ran to Bobo’s apartment, according to the report. A police detective said they found bloody clothing belonging to Rivera hidden in a dumpster near Bobo’s place.