Wolf out on Sunday nights

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By Sebastian Garcia

Imagine running
through the woods during a full moon, while a bloodthirsty werewolf chases you down. This obviously can never happen to you, considering werewolves are mythical, but you can watch the TV series “Teen Wolf” if you want to get up close and personal with a werewolf.
“Teen Wolf,” loosely based on the 1980s movie starring Michael J. Fox, puts a 21st century twist on the classical lycanthropy myths. The show follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) who is unexpectedly turned into a werewolf as he searches for the answers to his newfound abilities.  
On top of dealing with his new problem, Scott has to deal with finding out that the girl he likes comes from a family of werewolf hunters.
I normally would not watch a show like this because it seems to “Twilight”-esque, but the producers of the show were able to make it manly enough for me to watch.
Fast cars, action, violence and death all make this show interesting. There was many a time I sat there watching “Teen Wolf” and was so enthralled with the action that I would not move until the werewolf ripped someone’s head off.
One of the only bad things about this show is the soap opera-type love story between Scott and Alison Argent (Crystal Reed). Taking into consideration that almost every TV show has some romantic storyline attached to it, “Teen Wolf” is able to pull it off. As with most shows and movies today, “Teen Wolf” features a “bad boy” in the form of werewolf Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin). This is most likely to appeal to pre-teen girls.
The effects and make-up in “Teen Wolf” are good for a TV show. In certain scenes, the effects look cheap, but overall, they make you not want to venture out on a full moon.
With everything taken into consideration, “Teen Wolf” is a good show for any werewolf fan that wants manly gore and not childish “Twilight” romance.
This show may not be suited for all audiences, considering the blood and violence.
Check out season two of “Teen Wolf” premiering today on MTV, after the “MTV Movie Awards.”