Wishes Vives-Hull matter would end, but ...

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By The Staff

I believe most in this community would have been happy to let the Vives-Hull lawsuit end with the jury verdict and all move on with our lives. Instead, Mr. Vives’ lawyer, Paul Mannick, chose to keep the issue alive by his abusive assault on Linda Hull in his letter to the Monitor. What’s wrong, Mr. Mannick, couldn’t prove your case in court and now you have to justify your legal fees to your client by airing your closing arguments again?

From the flip side, it would be very easy to suggest that (paraphrasing Mr. Mannick) “we can only hope that, in the future, Vives will understand that when you take advantage of a minor for your own prurient gratification people may challenge situations that would have you working with kids.”

Sorry — I would have been happy to let this matter drop, save for Mr. Mannick’s letter. Perhaps it is not necessary to represent yourself to have a fool for a lawyer.

John Gustafson

White Rock