Wilson masters the issues

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I think Heather Wilson is the best choice to succeed Sen. Pete Domenici. Heather has demonstrated in her time in office that she is willing to master the issues and work hard to balance the interests of the country and of those who elect her.

At the debate between Heather and Steve Pearce in Los Alamos, the difference was evident. Heather was studied, thoughtful and forceful. Pearce breezily defended his vote on a budget that would have significantly cut the workforce of New Mexico’s labs by noting that there is “waste” in the current budgets. Mr. Pearce’s defense of his vote supporting the House budget for 2008 put him in the company of Tom Udall, who says he knew it was a bad bill but was sure the Senate would fix it.

We should not elect a senator who needs a keeper. We need someone who will work hard to master the issues and is willing to work with the Executive branch and other members of Congress for the benefit of the country and this state. I think that person is Heather Wilson.

Richard J. Joseph

White Rock