Wilson, Heinrich square off in TV debate

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Politics: Both sides claim victory

By The Staff

The Senate campaign for Democrat Martin Heinrich and Republican Heather Wilson after their first debate in the television studios of KRQE in Albuquerque Thursday night.
Heinrich spokeswoman Whitney Potter issued the following statement.
“Martin Heinrich demonstrated to voters tonight that he will always fight for what matters most to the people of New Mexico. Martin took clear positions on key issues like standing up to any attempts to cut Medicare or jeopardize Social Security for our seniors, creating quality jobs here in New Mexico, making college more affordable for everyone, and bringing our troops in Afghanistan home to their families. Martin defined himself as a true advocate for the middle class and those trying to reach it.
“Heather Wilson launched false attacks against Martin in order to distract from her record of voting for special tax breaks for millionaires and big corporations and her pledge of support for a radical plan that would force drastic cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Her priorities are wrong for New Mexico.
“Martin won tonight’s debate because he made clear that he understands the struggles of middle-class families and will always work on their behalf as New Mexico’s next U.S. Senator.”
Wilson, meanwhile made a case to New Mexico voters that Heinrich  cannot be trusted to create jobs and turn around the economy because he squandered the last four years in Washington chasing a “green dream” while the state lost 30,000 jobs, with another 20,000 jobs at risk next year.
“I believe in the American dream,” Wilson said. “Heinrich has voted for more debt and wants higher taxes for people who create jobs.”
Wilson also hammered Heinrich on his energy plan that would devastate New Mexico by killing thousands of jobs and increasing the utility bills for all working families. Wilson pointed out that just last month, Heinrich referred to coal as “a fuel of the past.” Fully 70 percent of New Mexico’s electricity is generated using clean burning coal.
“If ‘coal is a fuel of the past’ then you are telling seniors on a fixed income that reasonably-priced energy bills are a thing of the past,” Wilson said to Heinrich. “If you believe that ‘coal is a fuel of the past,’ you are telling the miners at the Navajo mine in San Juan County that their jobs are a thing of the past. You can chase your green dream if you want to, but I’m going to fight for these jobs, here and now.”
Wilson concluded the debate by telling New Mexicans that, unlike Congressman Heinrich, she will fight for jobs and turn this economy around.