Wildfire update from Red Cross

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* The American Red Cross has closed the shelter at Pecos High School. However,
the shelter trailer and supplies are still there with San Miguel County
Management, should the need arise. If anyone needs Red Cross assistance they can
call 505-265-8514. This phone number is posted on the door.
* The shelter opened on Friday, May 31, 2013 at 3 p.m. and served 500 meals and
snacks and 750 bottles of water.
* A Red Cross representative will attend the community meeting this evening in
the Pecos High School Auditorium to continually assess the community needs related
to the fires.
* Red Cross volunteers and material resources remain on stand-by and ready to
open shelters for the Thompson Ridge Fire.
* The Red Cross is committed to helping people in times of emergency and to meet
their disaster caused needs.
* The Red Cross is also committed to addressing the unique needs of children and
families affected by disasters.
* The Red Cross urges everyone to be prepared for wildfires and other
emergencies by making a plan, having a go-kit with copies of all important papers,
your prescription medications, water and snacks for pets and family members. For
more information on preparing for emergencies go to
* The Red Cross has free downloadable smart phone apps that are free of charge
for iphone and Android platforms. Please download the Wildfire and First Aid apps
for use during this fire season.
* In addition to wildfire response the American Red Cross in New Mexico
virtually responds to a home fire everyday somewhere in New Mexico. We work with
those affected to provide emergency shelter and food and to replace items like
clothing, eyeglasses and prescription medication.