Why was teacher reassigned?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I have been hearing all my life how school administrators always have the “best interests of the students at heart.” A recent personnel action by the Los Alamos Public Schools administration seems to belie this sentiment. A teacher of students with the most severe handicaps at the high school was suddenly reassigned one evening to a resource room at one of the elementary schools. The reason seems to be dissatisfaction with this teacher’s ability to meet directives and deadlines, despite the fact that this was not a major problem for 23 years.Because this teacher has done an outstanding job teaching this difficult population and is not specifically trained in teaching resource room students, how can this possibly be “in the best interests” of any of these students? Now there are two classrooms with either teachers or subs who do not have the proper training for their students. It appears that proper execution of paperwork is more important than the welfare and education of these students.Katherine StoweAlbuquerque