Why such a lack of concern?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

A police officer dumps a paralyzed man from his wheelchair because he could not stand up to be searched. A pedestrian is hit by a car and lies bleeding in the street while people merely glance at him as they hurry past. A woman collapses onto the floor of an emergency room as onlookers ignore her and security personnel look at her and walk away. She is finally kicked by a nurse to check her level of consciousness.

Why this lack of concern for our fellow human beings? In nature, overpopulation of a species spawns fierce competition for limited resources. Natural selection dictates that the strongest survive and the weakest are abandoned without regret. Some people have refined that process.

Consider the example set by our president. He invaded a nation on the other side of the globe – causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people – in order to enrich the handful of greedy corporate executives who bought him his office. The “Law of the Jungle” has been carried to its extreme by a group of people with no more regard for their own species than sharks.

Adele E. Zimmermann