Why belittle baby boomers?

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By John Pawlak

When Robert Frost wrote, “The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected,” he was referring to the wisdom that comes with age.
Another thing that comes with age is old age jokes.
 “He’s so old, when he was born the Dead Sea was just getting sick.” “He’s so old, when he went to an antique auction, three people bid on him.” “He’s so old, when he reads the bible, he’s reminiscing.”
Let’s face it, sometimes getting old is no fun. But old doesn’t mean useless. Some of the greatest achievements were performed by “old, useless” people.
When he signed the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin was 70 years young.
Nelson Mandela was 76 years young when elected President of South Africa.
At the “useless” age of 69, Mother Theresa received the Nobel Peace Prize. She continued working her ministry until her death at the age of 87.
A 61-year-”old” Mahatma Gandhi walked the 241-mile March to the Sea to protest the British salt tax. He was 78 years young when he secured India’s independence.
 “Grandma Moses” started painting at 76 years young. She painted more than 2000 paintings, and her last painting, “The Rainbow”, was completed when she was 101.
Winston Churchill was 77 years young when elected to his second term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Golda Meir was 70 when elected Prime Minister of Israel.
Old people with young ideas changing the world, making it better.
Yet some would have you believe that older people have no place in constructive active society.
I almost fell off my chair when watching a video of United States Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell criticizing Hillary Clinton as being “too old to run for President of the United States.”
Yeah, I know. This is ancient news.  Mitch attacked Hillary’s age back in March during the Conservative Action Political Conference. But it only recently surfaced to many news hounds and several stations have been airing the video of his diatribe.
Septuagenarian Mitch (71 years old, a healthy six years older than Hillary) quipped, “Don’t tell me the Democrats are the party of the future, when their presidential ticket for 2016 is shaping up to look like a rerun of The Golden Girls.”
His comment received lots of laughter and applause at the CPAC. I wonder if House Republican Conference Secretary Virginia Foxx, age 70, applauded?
This guy should be a stand-up comic. But he certainly shouldn’t stand up when trying to talk about anything rational.
Listen Mitch, I happen to like The Golden Girls!  It was a wonderful show in which older women refused to be painted into Whistler’s corner, refused to equate “old” to “useless.” They were beautiful and vibrantly alive and ready to take on the world.
Over one eighth of the U.S. population is now 65 years or older in age. Mitch equates those golden people to rusty voters.
Rush Limbaugh managed to be far more vile (this surprises anyone?) in his criticism of having an “old woman” for President. He asked “if Americans are ready to watch a woman get older on a daily basis?”
At 68 years old in 2016, is Hillary in fact “too old?”  Well, the GOP nominated 69-year-old Ronald Reagan (who served eight years after that). Bob Dole was 73 when nominated and John McCain was 71.
And maybe someone should inform Mitch that he presides over a few Republican Senators who are older than Hillary.
Chuck Grassley is 80 years old. Orin Hatch and Richard Shelby are 79 years old. Jim Inhofe, 78, Pat Roberts, 77, John McCain, 77, Thad Cochran ,76, Lamar Alexander, 73, Jim Risch, 70, Dan Coats, 70, Saxby Chambliss, 69, Mike Enzi, 69 and John Isakson, 69.
The U.S. Supreme Court also has old useless people like Antonin Scalia, 77 and Anthony Kennedy, 76. Clarence Thomas is only seven months younger than Hillary.
More than 100 U.S. Congressional Representatives are older than Hillary. Ralph Hall, the oldest member of the House, is 90 years old. Yeah, he’s a Republican.   
Hey Mitch, we’re all getting older. But for some people from Kentucky, wisdom doesn’t always come with age, does it?