White Rock property targeted

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$1000 reward offered for the arrest and conviction of the culprits

By The Staff

Police are investigating a vandalism incident that occurred at a property on Estante Way in White Rock sometime yesterday evening or early this morning.


According to the property owner, Milton Gillespie, someone had taken blood-red paint and poured it all over his driveway and one of his cars.

Gillespie told The Los Alamos Monitor that he believes the vandalous act was due to his opposition to the Los Alamos Department of Utilities’ desire to drill a series of water wells in close proximity to his neighborhood.

According to a recent article in The Los Alamos Monitor,DPU proposes digging the wells to utilize the county’s 1,200 acre-feet San Juan-Chama water allotment and secure the county’s water rights.

“I do not object to getting the water, but I object to the way the county is doing it,” Gillespie said.

Police had already stopped by and conducted an investigation, and will be releasing a report shortly.

“Nobody is going to scare us out of our opinion,” Gillespie said.