White Rock Master Plan to be discussed

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The meeting will start discussions about three proposed CIP projects

By Special to the Monitor

The County Public Works Department has scheduled a public involvement meeting to discuss the implementation of several strategies recommended by the White Rock Center Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy. The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Sept. 23 at the White Rock Town Hall.

The meeting will begin discussions about three proposed capital improvement projects identified in the Master Plan: potential changes to N.M. 4 through White Rock, the implementation of multi-use paths along the Cañada del Buey and engineering design standards for potential gateways along the highway. It will also seek input from the community on what they feel needs to be considered in the implementation of these projects.

“The primary goals of the first public involvement meeting are to let the public know we are beginning a process to evaluate the various infrastructure recommendations identified by the Master Plan, to reengage the public in the project and to gather any issues they might have,” Los Alamos County project manager Audoro Espinoza said. “The project’s success will depend on overall community involvement and support.”

The study will evaluate modifications to N.M. 4 from Pajarito Road to Rover Boulevard; establish the alignment of new or improved trail connections along the Cañada del Buey Arroyo; and determine the engineering parameters for two possible gateways along N.M. 4.

These projects were identified by the White Rock Center Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy, which forms the basis to implement these projects and provides the background and project history for transportation improvements in White Rock.  

The central motivation for the Master Plan’s creation stems from a strong county and community desire to revitalize the commercial core of White Rock and to create a community identity.

The Master Plan highlights the desire for high quality, mixed-use development that is community-based and that capitalizes on development opportunities offered by the county’s acquisition of the A19 parcel north of N.M. 4.

The county’s and community’s vision is to create a thriving, active commercial core that serves residents, commuters and visitors with a range of services and amenities.

An intensive community process guided the development of the White Rock Center Master Plan/Economic Development Strategy. The process began in August 2007 and the plan was adopted by the county council in June 2008. The White Rock Steering Committee, comprised of community stakeholders, provided direction for the Master Plan and several community forums solicited public input in the project and also helped direct the ultimate recommendations of the Master Plan.

“The White Rock Steering Committee did an excellent job with the White Rock Center Master Plan. The county looks forward to working with all stakeholders to implement the strategies developed to encourage economic development in the White Rock community,” said Kyle Zimmerman, Los Alamos County Public Works Director.

Displays and project staff will be available at the public meeting, beginning at 5:30 p.m. A presentation will begin at 6 p.m.  

Public involvement is imperative to the study’s success and the public is encouraged to attend the meeting and to provide their input and feedback.