White Rock has public transportation!

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I would like to applaud the county staff and government for the wonderful service being provided to White Rock residents. Since Oct. 1, the newly launched Atomic City Transit has been providing public transportation on a scheduled basis to White Rock. As of this week, they are now providing after-school service to our elementary schools. This is the first time in the town’s 59-year history this has happened.Previously, White Rock residents had only an on-call bus available to them that could merely be arranged the day of service, with earlier scheduling preference given to the disabled. This meant many times no transportation was available to the rest of us. And, the “double price” bias compulsory for White Rock was simply unfair. Now, the 34 percent of county residents living south of the townsite can get to the same places they’ve been going to: work, ice rink, Aquatic Center, library, movie house, gymnastics, YMCA, museum, sports practices, shops, etc. – all for free!Our family is learning for the first time how to ride a bus and is enjoying all the possibilities (we’ve been White Rock residents since 1989 and have two elementary-aged children). We would like to encourage the county to continue offering this transportation gratis and thank all the friendly drivers and passengers we’ve encountered so far. We’re looking forward to many more trips! (For more information on routes, check www.AtomicCityTransit.com.)Tina Schueler and familyWhite Rock