White Rock deserves fair share

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

If the county is serious about spending money in White Rock to improve the lives of residents, then it should consider adding to the amenities that currently exist and consider what is missing. We have a library and senior center that are adequate for the population. We have a fine system of walking/bike trails. What is obviously missing is a recreation/actvity center that would serve all members of the community. This center would also serve as a base for a second bear camp, the need for which is evident as parents queued up at 3 a.m. to secure a spot for their children. It would be available for after school activities.

This center should contain a six-lane, four-foot deep lap pool; a zero-entry, warm-water children’s pool; a gymnasium; a room for exercise equipment; a room with a good wooden floor for exercise and dance classes; a space for a coffee shop (to be operated by private enterprise); and space for the police sub-station. It should be located on the southwest corner of Sherwood Boulevard and N.M. 4 across from Smith’s.

A pleasant walking-bike path should be constructed from Rover Boulevard to Sherwood, connecting to the Caada del Buey trail and passing past the senior center and library. This location is contiguous with existing tennis courts, picnic areas, skate park and tot lot. It is accessible by foot or bike to everyone living in White Rock without having to cross a busy state highway, and is close to both elementary schools. This is a project that could be constructed with the funds being discussed.

I am aware of the many arguments that will be raised against this proposal. Some will argue that this competes with private enterprise. Some will argue that it will not encourage commercial growth. Some will argue that the county cannot afford to staff such a facility. I believe all of these difficulties can be overcome.

I argue that the county should spend its tax money to enhance quality of life for its inhabitants. It is more important to provide healthy activities for families instead of catering to business interests. It’s time that White Rock, housing one-third of the county residential taxpayers, receives its fair share.

James and Denise George

Los Alamos