When will the schoolhouse boogie?

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By The Staff

Well, the new jailhouse may rock (Los Alamos Monitor, front page headline, Jan. 13), but the old schoolhouse certainly doesn’t. I’m sure the irony in this contrast strikes many of us, especially those involved with children in the county. It’s one of the many reasons why I’m going to vote in favor of the current referendum on behalf of our school system. I want to be part of a community that sends a positive message of support to our students, as well as to our teachers and other school staff.

Kids, while there may not be brand new school buildings coming for you out of this referendum, we will at least try to keep the old ones repaired. No, there will not be kitchens to provide hot lunches for you. Those will still be provided, where possible, by parent organizations. Thanks parents!

We will continue to try and care about you kids when you’re despondent or troubled although I’m afraid there isn’t the time or money to offer you much more than that.

Teachers and staff — you will still have to walk down long narrow hallways — hot or cold depending on the season — to get from place to place within the school but we can probably make sure the roof isn’t leaking over your heads.

Come on, Los Alamos, we must do at least this much.

P.S. The new doghouse isn’t bad either.

Christine Hazard Phillips

Los Alamos