When is too much, too much?

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By Ralph Damiani

We do not - on the face of it - have any problem with a statue of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Gen. Leslie Groves here in Los Alamos. In fact, it would be a fitting tribute to two of the men who made Los Alamos.

But we do wonder where the county keeps getting all this money.

We have money to buy a $25,000 gift for Santa Fe’s 400th anniversary. We have money to put a mountain lion on the round-about. Now we have some $60,000 to buy a statue of Oppenheimer. Groves would - we guess - will be about the same.

We are told over and over that we are not over extending ourselves, that we have plenty of money, that we are not going deeply into debt.

But like national politcians who tell they will increase spending and cut taxes, we are having a real hard time understanding the county’s spending binges.

And we fear that as what happened with the state - when they were spending money left and right when oil prices were high - and is now desperately trying to find things to cut as the well has dried up - so to speak.

We have that fear here that we have a pay a very expensive piper soon.

Public deserves better

The candidate forum held this week between the two men running for Public Regulation Commission’s District 5 seat was disturbing to say the least.

There was no questioning allowed, no discussion, no debate and almost nothing learned. Questions were turned in ahead of time and the whole event was more of a joke than anything else.

Clearly, if Democrat Jerome Block Jr. is this uncooperative during the election process, how bad will he be when he is elected? It is scary.

And he almost totally ignored the fine Secretary of State Mary Herrera imposed on him for violations of campaign laws and illegal expenditures.

Oh, and Block has refused to appear at candidate forums in which the audience is allowed to ask questions.

Just the kind of man we do not need on the PRC.

Well worth honors

The council will vote on a reslolution at Tuesday night’s meeting designating Oct. 30, 2008, as “Senator Peter ‘Pete’ V. Domenici Day” and endorsing the placement of a commemorative plaque at White Rock Fire Station #3 honoring the senator.

This is very appropriate. No one has been more important to Los Alamos and the mission of the laboratory than the senator.

He has always been there for us and this is the very least we can do for him. He surely deserves all of our praises and thanks.

On Thursday there will be a reception at Fuller Lodge to honor and thank him and we hope that all of you who wish to give the senator your best turn out.