What’s up with Airport Basin Site name change?

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By The Staff

The County Council decided to change the name of the Airport Basin Site?


What was so bad about the name “Airport Basin Site” that it had to be changed?

Who determined that it needed to be changed?

Who approved the idea?

If the name “Airport Basin Site” was so bad that it needed changing, why was it named that in the first place?

How does the person that named the Airport Basin Site in the first place feel about being told the name wasn’t any good?

How much is it going to cost to make the change?

Who will pay for the change?

Does anybody else have these questions, or is it just me?

Is this another example of our government’s desire to fix things that ain’t broke?

I don’t like the name of my street.

Can I get it changed?

R. D. Little

Los Alamos