What is the right thing?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I am responding to your bold assertions that you made in your Friday Feb. 6, 2009, editorial, “It is Time to Do the Right Thing.”

First, I agree that it is very inconsistent for our Legislature to be on two sides of two of the most important moral issues facing our country today, homosexuality and abortion.  These are issues that are far beyond the worn out and misused expressions of “equality” and “choice.”  These issues are literally life and death issues for us and our progenies’ generations.  

You stated, “Now, while there may be moral issues with abortion, it is something not to be advocated in making it illegal.  The majority has spoken on this.”  While your wording is a bit unclear in your first sentence, your second sentence is overstated.  There have been many different polls conducted throughout the years since Roe v. Wade in 1973 and there is not a clear consensus one way or the other in the United States.  My observation is that our country is pretty well divided on the issue of abortion and certainly there is not an overwhelming majority that support abortion, as you infer.  This is an ongoing and very important debate, no one “has spoken,” there is still much to be said.

You seem to dismiss morality as being a factor in determining whether or not abortion or domestic partnerships should be legal.  I am very aware that the popular, politically correct mode of thought is to say that there is not one standard for morality, therefore, what is right for one person may not be right for another.  This is a logical nightmare.  If you follow that line of reasoning then who’s to say that child abuse is wrong?  It may be wrong for you but it may be “right” in the abusive parent’s mind.  Who’s to say it is wrong for a person to drive 100 mph down Trinity?  It may be wrong for everyone else on the road but it is “right” for the person driving 100 mph.

I can anticipate the response, “Something is wrong if it is endangering and/or hurting others.”  I don’t believe that is the only means by which we judge whether something is moral, right or wrong, but for the sake of argument let’s start there. 

Does homosexuality hurt others or is it merely a “lifestyle choice?”  According to the Centers for Disease Control’s latest estimates, in 2006, an estimated 16,001 men were infected with HIV/AIDS as a result of male-to-male sexual contact. Compare that number with 4,558 people that were infected due to high-risk heterosexual contact and 4,410 people that were infected due to injection drug use. All of these numbers are tragic but one cannot ignore the fact that HIV/AIDS is almost four times higher among those that practice male-to-male sexual contact than even the risky promiscuous lifestyle of heterosexuals (go to:  www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/surveillance/basic.htm#exposure to see the statistics yourself). I won’t insult your intelligence by enumerating the multiplied affects those numbers have on families and our society as a whole.

Does abortion hurt others or is it merely a “woman’s choice?” To me and a large segment of society, the obvious answer is that abortion kills a child who has no choice in the matter.  I know there are arguments about the baby not being a baby until it is “viable” late in the pregnancy or at birth.  I don’t buy any of those worn out arguments that are diffused or dismissed by modern technology and science.  Not only does abortion kill a child who will never have an opportunity to make a single choice but the post-abortion trauma that young ladies face is much more significant than “Pro-choice” people would have us believe.  Finally, abortion hurts the whole society much like slavery did.  It is not a private matter, it is a social matter that our government should outlaw just as it did the barbarity of slavery.

Yes, “it is time to do the right thing,” but the right thing is not always the popular or most expedient thing.  Morals are important and they do apply to the whole of society.  Anarchy would reign in our country if we did not believe in absolute truth that governs all of our citizens, that is the basis and should continue to be the ruling principle of our government.  May God grant wisdom to our leaders.

Los Alamos