What now?

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By Ralph Damiani

With the rejection by the general membership of the Elks Club of a proposal to purchase their land along Trinity Drive, it looks like the county’s plans to build the Municipal Building there seems to be dead.

So now what?

If the Elks hold to their position – and it is their land remember – then it seems that the county will be forced back to the drawing board. But just what does that mean?

When asked, County Administrator Max Baker said that the county would have to meet with the developer to see where they will go from here.

But at some level, this is not a decision for the developer, it is a decision for the council. And just where we are going to go will – and should – be up to the new council that will be elected Tuesday.

Council Chair Jim Hall said that there should be discussions with the Elks to see why they voted no. According to a release by the Elks, they said that they did not want to do anything to hurt development in Los Alamos, their first duty was to decide what was best for the club.

A very reasonable position.

What we find troubling is why discussions were not held with the Elks before hand? And if they did hold talks, what happened that the feelings of the club were missed so drastically?

And just where do we go from here?

Hopefully good news

With Los Alamos National Laboratory taking over the role of KSL Services, it is good news that they say that most of the jops will be transferred to the lab.

KSL Services has been LANL’s site services subcontractor since 2003.

Currently there are some 900 employees, providing services as facilities maintenance and repair, utility operations, roads and grounds maintenance, waste removal and custodial services.

The fact that the lab states it is working to absorb as many employees as possible is good news. We really don’t need another round of big layoffs and it is refreshing to see that the laboratory recognizes that fact.