What the MVD has been doing to improve customer satisfaction

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New Mexicans rightfully demand that the Motor Vehicle Division provide fast, easy and reliable service in a customer-friendly environment at all of our offices.
Gov. Susana Martinez also directed that we turn things around at the MVD in a reasonable amount of time and meet public expectations for operating more efficiently.
Here’s what we’re doing to make that happen.
Over the past 18 months, we’ve cut our wait times in MVD offices and at our call center. A majority of our offices now have average wait times of 15 minutes or less — the lowest in years. The average hold time in our call center is now less than four minutes.
MVD is doing a better job listening and learning from our customers. We recently implemented the country’s first motor vehicle customer satisfaction capture system in most of our offices.
At the end of each transaction, you can press a button, which tells us how well we’ve met your needs. By empowering our managers to address customer issues right when they occur, service-related complaints have dropped dramatically.
Since we launched this system last year, more than 800,000 New Mexicans have provided customer feedback. More than 98 percent of MVD customers now rate our service as “good” or “excellent” — every office, every week.
Our online transactions are up as more and more New Mexicans are discovering that they can quickly and easily renew their registrations or driver’s licenses and make traffic citation payments at MVDonline.com.
The governor has constantly challenged us to implement innovative and cost-effective measures to serve MVD customers better.
Here’s how we’re following that directive:
We’ve lowered wait times in our field offices by preventing quicker transactions from being delayed by slower transactions; by creating a rapid response pool of staff that can be moved to offices with the highest wait times on any given day; by adjusting office hours to local community needs; and by participating in job training programs that provide staff to MVD offices at no cost.
We cut call center hold times by forecasting call volumes and shifting staff from other areas in MVD at times of peak call loads. When call loads are lower, call center staff return the favor by assisting elsewhere.
We staggered the expiration dates on registration renewals so they no longer all expire at the end of the month, which used to create long lines with everyone coming to MVD on the same day.
We upgraded computer equipment in all of our municipally-owned MVD offices this year to improve uptime and system reliability.
We’ve achieved improvements by innovating around constraints rather than by expanding resources and costs. All of our changes have happened while operating under a flat budget.
And we’re working hard to build great customer service into our culture. We adopted an MVD Customer Bill of Rights, which is posted in all our offices, and we’re holding ourselves accountable to this higher standard of service. We want our customers to hold us accountable as well.
We want to let you know about two exciting initiatives that will further improve MVD services:
MVD is developing an “MVD office on wheels, which will hit the road in 2015 and bring MVD services to small towns, special events and other areas where needed.
And MVD is replacing its obsolete 30-year-old computer system, which IT system consultants have labeled “the worst motor vehicle system in the country.” The new system called Tapestry will be in place by September 2016. Data integrity and systems reliability will both improve, meaning better service to customers.
We want to thank New Mexico’s legislators, who have worked closely with the governor and our staff to dramatically raise the bar on MVD service and performance.
Although we still have a great many opportunities for improvement, we’re addressing these head on, and are committed to providing “outstanding service to the motoring public – every customer, every transaction, every time.” This is MVD’s new mission statement. More than 80 percent of MVD staff voted to adopt it and are now working hard to deliver on its promise.
New Mexico deserves nothing less.