What did he say?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Several quotes in a recent Monitor made no sense and are worthy of comment.

First of all, the lead article concerning County Council’s decision to go forward with the Skate park.

Councilman (Mike) Wheeler: “We can’t find a reason not to put it where it’s located now.”

WHAT? In the very same article there are several reasonable reasons not to put it there.

Wheeler continues: “I’m not anxious to go to ballot. The same people who are against it will still be against it, and the same who are for it will be for it.”

What the heck does that have to do with the outcome of a vote? Maybe those in opposition outnumber those in favor by a 2-1 margin.

Councilman (Ken) Milder: “As councilors, we probably have a better assessment of what the community wants.”

Then why put anything to a vote? Council has a record of dumb decisions indicating that it does not have a better assessment.

Now we turn to Fran Berting’s editorial.

Fran writes: “While the numbers for the additional GRT and property tax revenues that be forthcoming from the development at 15th and Trinity can only be speculative at this point, some is better than none.”

Aren’t the current businesses on the property or moving there paying taxes?

Will the revenue be more? Based on the business failure rate I find this to be a very weak argument.

Finally the statement that Fran made when she must have been asleep: “those who have to brave the cold, wet winds of winter and the hot sun and sudden monsoon downpours of summer will soon be requesting a garage.”

You got to be kidding. I’d agree to this statement if we were in Oklahoma City, Fargo, or anywhere in Vermont but not Los Alamos.

Conclusion: The arguments for the intended measures give the reader, including me, every incentive to go the other way.

Aaron Goldman

Los Alamos