WGN America orders second season of 'Manhattan'

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By Associated Press

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — Executives at WGN America have ordered another season of the TV drama “Manhattan.”
The announcement came Tuesday as the cable network prepares to air the first season’s finale this weekend.
The network’s president and general manager, Matt Cherniss, says he’s thrilled with the show’s success so far.
Cherniss says writer-producer Sam Shaw and director Thomas Schlamme have brought to life the World War II-era Manhattan Project in a brilliant way.
The drama follows a group of scientists and their families as they attempt to navigate a world of secrets and lies while developing the first atomic bombs.
The drama is set in a makeshift, desolate community in northern New Mexico.
At its peak, the Manhattan Project employed 130,000 workers, but it was kept largely secret and out of public view.