Wellness Center offers innovative techniques

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Business spotlight > Kim Lazarus opened her new business last week

By Gina Velasquez

Kim Lazarus has begun to rise from the ashes. The Las Conchas fire of 2011 caused her future to look bleak.
But two years later, with the help of the Los Alamos Small Business Center, she is getting back on track. “I have the perfect opportunity to get back on my feet again,” she said.
Lazarus celebrated the ribbon cutting ceremony to her new office on April 4. “It was a very exciting day,” she said.
Lazarus has been a licensed chiropractor for 10 years in the Los Alamos area.
In addition to being a chiropractor, her wellness center contains a state of the art use of high-tech machinery for the maintenance of health and wellness.
The most innovative treatment Lazarus offers is the Zen Frames and Creative Visualization Relaxation Audio Sessions. It involves a unique recording process with two separate voice tracks spatially placed to synchronize both sides of the brain. “It is audiovisual re-patterning for the mind and body,” Lazarus said.
It is used to deepen meditative states to help with relaxation, reduce stress, regain balance of mind and ease chronic pain. “It can retrain your brain to deal with addictions, such as smoking, drug and alcohol,” according to a brochure Lazarus’ gives to patients, outlining the specifics of the treatment.


She offers spa experiences such as detoxifying body wraps and a cutting edge form of spa therapies called the Galvanic facial and body spa treatments. This process involves a patented, self-adjusting current, along with specially formulated treatment products to smooth and tone skin on the body and face. The body spa targets skin and fat cells in the upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs that tend to be problem areas for many.
After the body wraps, Lazarus’ next method of treatment is the Laser Lipo fat reduction. It is a nonsurgical, noninvasive therapy involving high frequency lasers that penetrate fat cells, shrinking them and tighten the loose skin. Second, Lazarus offers the VibePro Vibration Platform.
This machine stimulates the lymphatic system (part of the circulatory system). It fools the body into thinking it has exercised. It is used for stretching, strengthening and massage. Lazarus uses this technique with patients with nerve conditions, and so far, she said it has been a positive response.
Lazarus is also an independent consultant for NYR Organic, which carries various types of beauty products.
Someone seeking a membership to the wellness center can utilize some treatments by purchasing minutes for a fee, however, laser therapy is at an extra cost. Walk-ins are also welcome.
Her office is located at 190 Central Park Square, suite 213.
Call 661-4839 for an appointment. For more information on the organic skincare line, visit http://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/dr.kim.