Well drilling can be good for future

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The White Rock residents’ objection to the proposed well project is the worst example of “NIMBY” (Not In My Back Yard) I have encountered in many years. A small group of self-important residents would have us believe that the value of their properties will be diminished to the point of being unable to sell, and that the noise and dust will make their homes unlivable.
And that they are such experts in the engineering of well projects that they should determine the location of the well site.
The well project is for the benefit of county residents, especially White Rock, to insure a water supply in the future. The disruption while drilling will not be a permanent situation. The project has already taken into account the final appearance of the area. The project is being planned to protect water rights that could be lost if not claimed.
The most precious commodity anywhere is water. Just because we have sufficient ground water now does not guarantee that the sources will not diminish in the future. It takes snow melt in the Jemez mountains to recharge the aquifer that we draw water from for the county’s current use.
Also, the recharge rate actually is less than the use rate. What if the drought deepens and there is no snow? Take note of the problems with wells in Eldorado even now. The well project is necessary now.
It is time to “man up” and consider the rest of the community. Your property will be worthless without water.
Bettylou Lebeda
Los Alamos

Not in Anyone's Back Yard

Not only should the well's not be in my back yard, on land that would have to be rezoned from open space/parkland, to commercial.....but it isn't even necessary for them to be in anyone's back yard. The DPU did not even investigate looking at equivalent places on DOE land (ie, the mesa to the south that already has powerlines on it running out above the river). Do you realize they are talking about drilling a 36" pipe? That is HUGE!. And the pumps to lift the water up 1500 feet? Also huge. Furthermore, option #1, with the well at Overlook Park, would already be in the nearby vicinity of other County Utilities (ie, the sewage plant), and would impact NO residential neighborhood. If it supposedly cost more....then I argue the analysis didn't take into account the permanent costs to residential neighborhoods (options 2 and 3). We can get the water....but don't have to wreck residential areas to do it.

Glen Wurden
Pajarito Acres