Welcome to the world, Lucille

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‘Ray of light’ shines with New Year’s baby

By Tris DeRoma

She wasn’t due to arrive until Jan. 4, but Lucille Rayos Manzanares couldn’t wait.

Manzanares came into the world at 7:06 a.m. New Year’s Day at the Los Alamos Medical Center, making her the first baby born in Los Alamos County in 2018.

From start to finish, it took Lucille about 11 hours to make her debut for the new parents.

Her mom, Jesse, and dad, Israel, from Hernandez, said they were proud, exhausted and glad that everything turned out OK.

“We’re just really happy that the baby’s healthy,” Israel Manzanares said. “The nurses really helped a lot. it’s been a really good experience.”

Mom was also excited and they said they were looking forward to the next chapter in their lives.

“I agree. I think they’re really nice here. I’m just adjusting to a new baby and becoming new parents,” Jesse Manzanares said.

According to dad, Lucille is making a bit of an adjustment.

“She’s just crying, eating sleeping mostly, being real cute. She’s not a loud crier. She’s just kind of chilling back and watching everything and learning,” Israel Mansanares said.

“We just can’t stop staring at her,” Jesse Manzanares said.

Yesterday, members of the Los Alamos Medical Center auxiliary visited and gave the parents a $100 check, socks and a stuft animal for the newborn.

The Manzanares said they plan to honor Lucille’s birth by burying the placenta in their yard and growing a tree on the spot.

“We have a beautiful nursery set up already, two-toned, with purple and grey,” Israel Manzanares said. “We have the crib and a really special rocking chair.”

Mom named her daughter after Lucille Ball, the famous comedian and star of the “I Love Lucy” show.
“I’m just a really big fan,” she said.

Lucille’s middle name is Rayos, named after Israel’s grandmother’s name. In Spanish, it means either lightning bolt or ray of light.

“If she’s calm, she’s going to be a ray of light but if not she’ll be a lightning bolt,” Israel Manzanares joked.