Wedding reception grows into Rave near Camp May

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Couple wanted to raise money for their honeymoon

A couple requested and was granted a permit to hold their wedding at Camp May last Saturday. The wedding took place. The twist in the story is the fact that the couple decided to spread the word to about a thousand of their Facebook friends in an effort to raise money for a honeymoon.

About 300 people showed up and paid a fee to enter the event Saturday.

Los Alamos Deputy Police Chief Kevin Purtymun said police conducted additional patrols in the Camp May area near the ski hill Saturday night.

“We did not receive any calls for service and we did not make any arrests at the event,” Purtymun said.

Council Chair Sharon Stover said the council at its Tuesday meeting directed staff to review the county’s permitting process to ensure that events are managed properly and don’t grow out of hand.

“We want people to enjoy locations around the county but we also want to make sure safety concerns are addressed,” Stover said.

Acting County Administrator Randy Autio explained that the county is concerned when there is a use of its property for a particular event that takes up the entire property.

“The concerns we have are for the safety of the public and for other issues such as open fires when we’re in drought conditions such as we are right now,” Autio said. “We are looking at taking a firmer control on Camp May in particular because of its isolation and limited single road access.”

Autio explained that the concerns aren’t as great at other county parks, which are in the middle of neighborhoods in which surrounding residents quickly call police when things get out of hand.

“We’re taking a look at coming up with a consistent policy that can create time limits, limits on the number of overnight campers in a large group and that type of thing,” Autio said. “We want to address this issue quickly, especially for single road access areas.”

County staff will present its recommendations to the county council at an upcoming meeting.


I was at the wedding of the mentioned couple. They made sure that no one under the age of 18 was allowed into this all night concert. It was also stressed that absolutely no drugs or alcohol would be tolerated or permitted at this event.

The reason that police did not have to be called for anything 'extra' is because the couple that got married were very responsible in this undertaking and made sure that it truly was good, clean fun.

I think they did a great job and applaud them for being ingenious in raising money for their honeymoon.