We need experinence

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 I strongly request Los Alamos County voters to join me in voting for Jeannette Wallace as state represetative for District 43.
As a resident of Los Alamos for 50 years, I have witnessed Jeannette’s dedication to our county. She is a person of integrity and a true public servant.
Jeannette puts the needs of the people first and has balanced the needs of residents across the three diverse counties in her district including Los Alamos, Sandoval and Santa Fe.
I have seen her on several occasions in action at the state Roundhouse and believe that she is well-respected by House members from all parties and works with them to solve difficult issues. Following the 2010 census, there will be an effort to re-draw our state legislative lines and determine the landscape for the next 10 years. More than ever, we need to have someone with experience like Jeannette working for us. Please vote for Jeannette Wallace.

Mary Brooks
Los Alamos