We must keep our swords bright

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Well, as Sheik Ilderim said in the movie Ben Hur: “Balthasar is a good man. But until all men are like him, we must keep our swords bright and our intentions true!” This is all I could think of when I read Mr. Vixie’s impassioned advocacy of non-violence and his criticism of John McCain. And what to speak of swords? The last time I checked most of this town works for Los Alamos National Laboratory – you know, that weapons lab!    

Although many try to hide beneath the cloak of “pure science” and assert independence from the sobering business of Armageddon, intellectual honesty demands that we acknowledge one basic fact – without the core mission of maintaining the ultimate nuclear-tipped swords as well as other national security missions, the “pure scientists” would be working somewhere else.

I am not against non-violence in principle as I come from the home province of Mahatma Gandhi, the very founder of non-violent resistance in our time. Although to be fair, the Indian Independence struggle against the British was a struggle between two largely civilized nations who were generally capable of logic.

The same does not hold true when dealing with asymmetric threats posed by fanatics and non-nation state aggressors seeking martyrdom. We are dealing with people who still seek to unleash unspeakable horror in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. – please tell me how turning the other cheek will dissuade them.

The bottom line is that we live in a nasty and unpredictable world that generally hates America simply because we exist – swords or no swords.  However, the reality is that America remains the noblest experiment in self-governance and human empowerment of all time.  So until utopia arrives on earth through divine intervention or by other means, keep your swords bright and your intentions true.