We love our tree!

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

With no notice to anyone in the community, half of the huge willow tree at Pion Elementary has been chopped down, reportedly because its roots are getting into the sewer system. A local plumber has volunteered to help reroute the sewer lines if it will save the tree. The other half of the tree was scheduled to go Monday.

Students, parents and alumni throughout the community planned a gathering to keep that from happening. Some were on site as early as 6 a.m. A petition is also being circulated throughout the Pion district to help save the rest of the tree.

This tree is a symbol of Pion. It has wonderful shade. It is a gathering place. It is an educational tool for teachers. We love our tree and don’t want to see it chopped down – even though it’s already been terribly mutilated.

We hope you can write a story about our efforts and help us save the tree.

Emily, Collin and Kathryn McClenahan

(with some help from parents Heather and Bob)

Los Alamos