We aren't made of rubber

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What ever happened to “look both ways before crossing the street?” Is it no longer taught to our children or practiced by adults?
When are we, as a society, going to realize that most drivers are idiots? They drink, eat, put on makeup, talk on their cell phones, read, talk to their passengers (even to themselves), text — everything but drive. Right foot on the gas, left on the brake and head in the clouds. And yet we continue to step out in front of them. Whether it is walking in a parking lot, crossing at a crosswalk or anywhere else where vehicles drive, somehow we just don’t think about that idiot driver that has more important (in their mind) things to do than watch out for other human beings.
Since before I was able to walk, every time my parents were going to step from the curb (or into a parking lot) they would stop and say to me “look both ways.” Then they would ask me if there were any cars coming. Only after I acknowledged the road was clear would we proceed.
Throughout my childhood, this lesson was instilled in me so deep into my being that, to this day, at 75, I habitually cannot step into any area designed for vehicles without stopping to make absolutely, positively sure that my path is safe from idiot drivers. Time after time I see people walking  through parking lots or crossing streets without a clue of what is going on around them. They appear to think that, as pedestrians, they have the right of way and that vehicles should look out for them.
Well they may be right, but if they don’t wake up, they may be “dead right.” Or worse, in pain and in the hospital!

R D Little
Los Alamos